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Standard or made-to-measure programs:

Hydraulic training standard or made on measure program

​• Based on your activity, your hydraulic diagrams and your equipments.
​• Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced Levels
​• Individual or Collective Training Sessions

Personalized functioning mode:

Personalized hydraulic training courses

Our fully customized training courses can be organized on a one-to-one or group basis, for the same company, in order to fully meet all of your technical requirements.

DATES: depending on your availability!


• In-house, within your company:
– Theoretical classes via webcam and/or on site
– Practical work on site

• Within your local HydroCampus© Center:
– Theoretical classes via webcam and/or on site
– Practical work on site

• Entirely via webcam:
– Independent of geographical location

Our training methods


• 1st Period – Prior evaluation
Prior evaluation of the trainee’s knowledge of hydraulics by means of a test corrected by a hydraulics specialist. – Each trainee receives a HydroCampus© Training Pack and pre-training  exercises.

• 2nd Period – Training sessions
Definition of the course content in accordance with the specified objectives.
– For each training session, continuous assessment based on our Exercise & Solutions Workbooks  and our educational tools.
– Final evaluation to assess the participants’ learning achievements.
– Satisfaction survey to evaluate the teaching skills of our instructors.

• 3rd Period – SAF : After-Training Service
After-Training Service at your disposal:
– Develop your skills through the HydroCampus© training tools.
– Contact our Hydraulics Specialists with any questions thanks to your free access to our hydraulic discussion forum.
– Every 2 months, receive an e-mail with a short hydraulics lesson (“Technical Corner”)   explaining a functionality, a component or an application in hydraulics.

Our “HydroCampus©” Pack / Industry or mobile

Our “HydroCampus©” Pack / Industry or mobile

For each training course in our catalogue, the trainees receive a HydroCampus© Pack.
The standard HydroCampus©  Pack, Industry or  Mobile version / This Pack comprises  4 educational tools
– 1 Exercise and Solutions Workbook
– 1 Pocket notebook
​- 1 English / French / Italian / Chinese hydraulics glossary
– 1 CD with 9 videos explaining the operation of hydraulic components

Training courses in hydraulics available via webcam and on site

Training courses in hydraulics available via webcam and on site
1. Hydraulics: Safety
2. Hydraulics: Principles and Technology
3. Using, Setting and Adjusting Equipment
4. Understanding and Reading a Hydraulic Diagram
5. Servicing Hydraulic Equipment / Troubleshooting
6. Study and Design of Hydraulic Systems
7. Review and Analysis of your Hydraulic Diagrams
8. Optimization of Equipment Performance Levels
9. Hydraulic Connection and Connectors
10. Sealing Properties of Hydraulic Cylinders
11. Hydraulic Filtration and Oils
12. Cartridge Valve
13. Self-regulating Pumps
14. Accumulators
15. Hydrostatic Transmissions
16. Proportional Hydraulics
17. Servo Valves and Controls
18. Introduction to CAN Bus / Embedded Electronics
19. Hydraulic Hybridization: Key Principles
20. Advanced Training for Hydraulics Specialists
21. NEW – Industrial Pneumatics