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GOLDA shares its hydraulic know-how/hydraulic engineering in order to satisfy your needs!

On-site technical consulting services: engineering, studies, commissioning, maintenance…
Over 40 GOLDA hydraulic experts with years of field-experience, who combine creativity and innovation, are at your disposal.
Our hydraulic experts offer technical advice and consulting to companies in the following sectors of activity:
industry, offshore, mining, forest, earth moving and agricultural machinery…







GOLDA’s expertize respond to your objectives through its offer.

Studies and advice,

GOLDA project assistance/support:

  • Hydraulic equipment analysis: functional analysis, Design of hydraulic schematic, component dimensioning, equipment upkeep.
  • Modelling and simulation,
  • CAD: computer Aided Drawing and Design,
  • Tubing/piping (tuyautage),
  • Systems fixing and processes.

Security auditing:

Inventory of your hydraulic equipment and risk exposition analysis (risk assessment), thorough equipment analysis (risk classification and development of a security specification plan), post-security audit (follow-up and validation of the maintenance proposals).

Hydraulic expertise,

Expertise in response of your problematics,

  • On site expertize,
  • Failure analysis, hydraulic security,
  • Existing systems optimization,
  • Technical assistance and supervision,
  • Project/test steering/piloting.

Competencies supplier,

  • Technological monitoring and R&D support,
  • Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA),
  • Obsolescence analysis,
  • Quality problems (lifetime),
  • Didactic benches,
  • Prejudicial expertise.

Energy performance and hybridization,

Our experts realize an energy performance analysis on your hydraulic equipment, following a specific analysis process:

  • Enlightening the theoretical operating of your equipment
  • Survey methodology for technical specifications achievement
  • Preparing and setting up
  • Data analysis (pressure / flow / force / temperature)
  • Presentation of the energy performance of your hydraulic equipment
  • Determination of alternatives energy-efficient architectures (resizing, hybridization etc.).

Energy efficiency and hybridization project, R&D support:

An innovative solution between energy efficiency & savings and environmental impact (technology combining
thermic and hydraulic engines for energy saving and efficiency).Our experts are involved in the development and optimization of your hybridization project.

​Hybridization equipment studies:

  • Feasibility study and usage analysis
  • Modeling and sizing
  • Hybridization strategy (thermic engine downsizing, hydraulic boost system)
  • Control parameters development